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SEO Mistakes – Things You Need To Avoid

You’ve probably heard the adage, mistakes are how we learn, and in many ways this is true. Some of the harshest lessons in life really do have silver linings if we only are willing to look for them. Still- you learn which mistakes you can avoid ahead of time, and you can save time. This is only healthy common sense to do it, and you will save yourself heartache. In this article we are going to go over some of the bigger mistakes that people make when they tackle their own SEO.

It is important to do proper keyword brainstorming when doing SEO. It is what it sounds like. Basically, you are trying to figure out what keywords will work best with your marketing campaigns and your site content. Many Internet Marketers skip this particular step. The content on your site, according to these people, is simply going to have the right keywords. Your content may have certain keywords that will be profitable, but in general, it is better to do a keyword brainstorm and then add the proper content. Don’t get stuck with the wrong keywords! Do this keyword brainstorming every time you create a new site. Failing to publish a proper 404 page is a mistake because if you have a page being listed that you know does not exist, do not let that page sit on a code like 301 or 200. Remember we are trying to help you reduce your mistakes regarding SEO, so find the information you need to make this page. When you let your non-existent pages sit on those other codes, it tells Google that you aren’t paying attention to your site. The 404 page lets Google know that you have your act together, and then you can redirect people to some other page on your site. You never want to have a 301 error displayed, so the 404 page will be much better to have.

You can never ignore the power of backlinking to your site, and that is what SEO is mainly about. When you backlink to others, then it is just a win-win in the eyes of Google. Links that originate from your site and radiate outwards are a part of SEO and so you should link to some people. Google tends to like it when you have a small percentage of outgoing links; so remember to do that on your sites. If you’re feeling particularly productive and have a blog, you can even create posts about each link and then make sure that your posts are optimized as well. seo services One thing about SEO is you really need to stay on top of what Google is doing with social media factors. When you take the time to learn from others, then you will find that your mistakes come fewer and more far between. So paying attention to what others are doing is simply employing smart leverage in your business. So now you are a bit more knowledgeable about what needs to be avoided, and now you just have to remember it.

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